Formed during a moment of drunken clarity, Sweater Kittens started as an aesthetic that mirrored its birthplace: a New Year’s Eve house party, littered with empty whiskey bottles, glitter confetti, and bowls of half-eaten guacamole.

After a rousing group rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” (yes, from Disney’s, The Lion King), Ashley (guitar) and Mallory (bass) dove deep into a conversation about starting a femme rock band. They left the party with a band name, a million-and-a-half merch ideas, and a commitment to starting on a musical journey together.

Today, Sweater Kittens is prolifically creating fuzzy, bass-laden, grunge rock, inspired by their riot grrrl predecessors and all the artists that  helped them through their teenage years.

Sweater Kittens cordially tips their hat to: Hole / Soundgarden / QOTSA / Heart / Deap Vally / Sleater-Kinney / Juliana Hatfield